11.30am – 9.30pm

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About Francesca's

What happens when you combine the diversity of Italian flavours, with the heartiness of Singapore home cooking? Your next meal at Francesca’s.

We serve tasty, unpretentious and affordable Italian food anyone can enjoy.

True to Italian cuisine, we insist on preparing every meal with the freshest ingredients. We then add a touch of local home cooking charm to transform classic Italian dishes into something that’s new and exciting to you.

Visit us and see why it’s a hot favourite for gourmets looking to fill their stomach and their soul.

Chef background

Influenced by his intensive training in the Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, Chef Ronald Li is known for whipping up Asian favourites with new interpretations. His kitchen is famed for bringing together fresh produce and unique flavours to spruce up traditional meat dishes. If you’ve eaten at high-profile places like Four Seasons Hotel, ANDRE, Salt and Tapas, you would have tasted his culinary skills.

He continues to spread his love for fine food and appreciation for Asian cuisines with his newest project, Francesca’s. Just one visit and you’ll experience his vision of “Pasta for the people!